The Way We Work

Research has shown that at any given time:

30% of your team are 'actively engaged'. These are the team members driving your team forward.

50% of your team are 'not engaged'.  They may be doing the job, but are leaving their passion, talent and innovation at home.

20% of your team are 'actively disengaged'. Negative about your company policy, their team, their work.  They are undermining the efforts of your productive and engaged team members.

Do you recognise this in your environment?

At anytime 70% of your team are not driving your business. Just imagine what you will achieve by engaging more of your team, more of the time!

Ignite work with an extended network of qualified coaches and facilitators across the globe. No geographical location is beyond our reach and no business too big for us to support. We bring together many years of commercial experience working with and motivating teams to success.

Margaret Whiteford is a member of Synatus (a group of senior-level consultants with a broad range of skills and sector experience) and has been an accredited Growth Accelerator Coach. If Ignite can't add value to your business, there will be someone in Synatus network who can! Call or email Margaret to find out more.

Our aim is to deliver solutions to your business that add value to your bottom line. Our interest and commitment is real and we work closely with you on an ongoing basis, unlike some training companies who deliver new techniques then walk away until the next time you need them.